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Funding Fundamentals  :  Establishing Your Account

Establishing Your Account

Promotional Capital's Easy One-Time Approval Process

Compared to acquiring a bank loan, applying for our Financing Services is a quick and straightforward process.


  • Contact Promotional Capital
    Call us toll-free at 216-595-6969 to learn more about Promotional Capital and to discuss your business and its financing needs. When you are ready to activate an account with us, a Promotional Capital representative will prepare a set of documents for your evaluation and approval.
  • Prompt Application Review
    Promotional Capital will review your application, and if accepted, we will immediately begin our due diligence process. Business loan approval can usually be done with limited documents, including an application and recent bank statements.
  • Company Background Check
    Promotional Capital does not require a long or spotless credit history to become a client. We will thoroughly review your company to determine if there are any existing liens related to your business, such as UCC, tax, or judgments. We will also conduct an extensive credit review of your current customers.

    Promotional Capital will provide you with accurate and speedy credit information on your current and potential customers, at no additional fee.
  • Remaining Documents
    While we are conducting our review, we ask that you assemble the required corporate information and execute the documents that Promotional Capital has provided. Once you return these to us, we will review them immediately. If everything is in order, we can begin to provide funding to your company.
  • Initial Funding
    When you submit your first schedule of Purchase Orders and/or Invoices that you would like to finance, funding begins immediately.

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