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Promotional Capital Financing FAQ's

Does Promotional Capital loan its clients money?
No, technically Promotional Capital purchases your accounts receivable. We make an outright purchase of the financial rights to your invoices.

Are you similar to a bank, franchise or larger distributor?
No. Promotional Capital is a specialty finance business. We provide immediate funding exclusively to businesses of all types and sizes.

Why the name Promotional Capital?
Promotional Capital was founded to solve the unique funding problems of promotional products and printing businesses. After much success, the company expanded to provide funding services to businesses of all sizes and types.

What invoices qualify for purchase by Promotional Capital?
Any valid commercial invoice for merchandise sold or services performed to a credit-worthy customer, government agencies included.

Does the size of my Transaction matter?
No. Any size invoice is acceptable from $1 to $1MM or more and everything in between. Purchase order funding has a minimum selling price of $1,000 per order.

Will the invoice to my customer be on our billhead, or yours?
The invoice will be on your billhead. Just inform your customer that the payee and remittance is to Promotional Capital's lock box address and continue to bill as usual.

Will you be able to provide funding for up-front costs I may have with some suppliers?
Yes. Promotional Capital's Purchase Order Financing will provide the funds needed to pay your suppliers for up-front costs that may be required from time to time to process some of your new orders.

How do you collect?
Promotional Capital's professional, courteous representatives manage the collection and follow-ups of the receivables we financed from your customer. Be assured that we will come across as simply an extension of your own business.

Will my customers be concerned?
No, just the opposite. Many of the largest corporations in the world use receivable-based financing to improve cash flow, support growth and increase profits. Many of your customers may even use this service, or may have become familiar with it through other vendors. The fact that you qualify for this credit-line makes a strong, positive statement. Your clients will view you as a vendor of consequence, who is financially stable and growing.

Can we qualify if we are a new business or have past credit problems such as bankruptcy, IRS liens or judgments?
Absolutely! We do not require a long operating history, or profitability. In fact start-ups are just fine with us. We do not base our primary funding decisions on your personal or business credit history.

How quickly can we expect to receive funding?
Once your Promotional Capital account has been established, and a verified new purchase order and/or invoice has been sent to an approved customer, you could begin to receive funding within hours.

How does Promotional Capital make money?
We subtract our fee from the reserve amount after the invoice is paid, and before we forward the final balance to you.

What happens if my customer does not pay?
Promotional Capital often does assume the credit risk of your customer not being able to pay for the services provided due to insolvency. However, we do not assume the risk of non-payment due to disputes regarding the quality or timeliness of the goods or services provided.

Do we need to sign up for a long term commitment?
No, you are not obligating your business to a long term commitment. Usually, our contracts are year to year.

Are there any restrictions on the location of my customer?
No, we can service anyone, anywhere, in the U.S. and Canada.

I'm ready to get started—what's the first step?

It's simple. Contact us at 216-595-6969 or complete our one-minute application. We will contact you immediately to discuss next steps.

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