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Funding Fundamentals  :  Our Financing Benefits

Promotional Capital Funding Benefits

Promotional Capital was established by a former promotional products and sales promotion entrepreneur. While we intuitively understand the cash flow dilemmas that are unique to this industry, we have developed an expertise in providing funding to many industries.

Funding Benefits for Businesses of Any Size and Type:

  • Immediate Cash
    We advance cash on your qualified receivables, usually in less than 24 hours.
  • Funding Your New Orders
    Promotional Capital Purchase Order Financing provides advances for the funds that may be required up front to pay suppliers for your new orders.
  • Short Term Loans
    Promotional Capital can facilitate a short term loan customized for your business. These loans are generally funded within days and have minimal underwriting.
  • Virtually Unlimited Capital
    Accounts Receivable Factoring is the only source of business financing that grows with your sales. As sales increase, more money becomes available to you immediately.
  • Professional Collections Services
    Promotional Capital handles collections and customer payment follow-ups for transactions we funded in a professional and productive manner. In fact, we come across to your customers as just an extension of your business.
  • Eliminate Overhead
    We handle invoice processing, paying suppliers, posting invoices, depositing checks, entering payments, and producing regular reports, thus greatly reducing current overhead costs associated with processing invoices and handling collections.
  • Offer Credit Terms To Customers
    You can offer credit terms to your customers to increase your sales without negatively impacting your cash flow.
  • Take Advantage Of Early Payment Discounts
    If you can save 2% of your costs from your suppliers by paying bills within 10 days, this can help to pay for the funding.
  • No Liability On Your Balance Sheet
    Accounts Receivable Financing (often referred to as factoring) is not a small business loan; there is no debt, and no monthly payments to negatively impact your balance sheet and make it hard to get other types of financing.
  • Leverage Off Of Your Customers' Credit
    To qualify for financing, you don't need the best personal or business credit or even a long operating history. We base our credit decisions primarily on the creditworthiness of your clients.
  • Our Funding Program Helps Build Your Credit
    Purchase Order and Accounts Receivable Financing creates an adequate cash flow, allowing you to pay suppliers on time and establish a good credit rating, making you eligible for credit from other vendors and financial institutions.
  • Our Funding Program is Quick and Easy
    Completing the application is really simple. No long history of profitability, personal finance statements, business plans, and the like are needed. After initial approvals, you can begin to receive funding in as little as 24 hours.
  • Concentrate On Marketing and Securing New Accounts
    You know all the time you currently spend on collections, administration, bookkeeping, talking to banks? Now you can devote that time to sales and growing your business!
  • No Long-Term Obligation
    Our contracts are year to year.
  • Flexibility
    You can pick and chose which customers to finance. You could finance your entire order from Purchase Order to Invoice or if you have terms with your supplier, just do the Invoice financing.

Let Promotional Capital provide your business with all the benefits our financing has to offer.

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